Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring fever - time for makeovers!

My latest furniture crush:

I have 2 (I'll call them "vintage") chairs that belonged to my grandparents.  They are matching but with very different fabrics on them.  I think one still wears it's original fabric and one has had a wardrobe change.  I love the silhouette of the chairs, but they need serious updating.  So I have been researching and hunting to find the perfect inspiration for the makeover. 

This photo caught my eye while I was browsing design blogs (sorry - I have since lost the link and photo credit) for office storage solutions.

My chairs are currently upholstered with vertical channels.  Not a style that I am very fond of...but the shape of the chairs are almost identical to these with the top of the chair back more closely resembling the one below by Lee Furniture:

The top of the back is curved up and out slightly.
Then I found the photo below on the cover of the February issue of Traditional home and decided that I do, indeed, love the tufted look.  And since I have already purchased two coordinating fabrics and 1,000 polished nickel upholstery tacks that this is the direction I am going to go in. 

I am also crushing on the ring pulls that they attached to the back for pulling the chair out from the table.  No grimey fingers on the top of the chair repeatedly pulling and wearing on the fabric. 
I plan to start tearing down my two beauties next weekend and will keep you updated on my progress with lots of photos, too!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo of the day

I "heart" these wool felt hearts strung mobile style.

source unknown

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What can't Martha do?

I recently discovered that Martha Stewart was a fashion model in the early 60's...what else will she do?