Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sister Parrish Style

The following statement is exactly how I, too, approach design.  However, I AM dangerous with a I did originally study architecture and technical drafting! 

"It is only my eye that has helped me. I am still hopeless with that thing called a scale ruler. I love color, but that comes very naturally to me. From the beginning, I never followed trends. If I was aware of them, I didn't care, for I believed as I do now, that rooms should be timeless and very personal. I don't set out to achieve a particular style. And I certainly don't have a 'look' -- just a mishmash of everything that somehow, by instinct, usually turns out to be a warm imaginative, 'living room'."

Sister Parish
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I transitioned from designing and engineering windows to dressing them!  I much prefer the creative (yet still quite technical) side to the strictly technical side!

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