Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love is Blind

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would feature the master suite from the Extreme Makeover build that I worked on.  Ty Pennington designed the room with design producer Vanessa with that very day and sentiment in mind. 
We designed and fabricated the custom bedding, pillows and scaldino (the red silk foot warmer at the end of the bed).
The attached bath was extremely beautiful with a large tub, two separate vanities and a glass enclosed shower.  We designed and fabricated a red silk balloon valance that hung on custom decorative hardware that I sourced from Unique Fine Fabrics.  The hardware company was gracious and donated the hardware for this and two other spaces as well.
              IMG_6292             IMG_6281
The Anderson’s were married on Valentine’s Day.  They also named their seeing eye dog “Valentine”…and here is the dog bed that a couple of the girls whipped up with scrap foam and some batting from my workroom.  The bottom was leftover vinyl so that it wouldn’t slide across the hardwood and the pillow insert was removable for washing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sister Parrish Style

The following statement is exactly how I, too, approach design.  However, I AM dangerous with a scale...as I did originally study architecture and technical drafting! 

"It is only my eye that has helped me. I am still hopeless with that thing called a scale ruler. I love color, but that comes very naturally to me. From the beginning, I never followed trends. If I was aware of them, I didn't care, for I believed as I do now, that rooms should be timeless and very personal. I don't set out to achieve a particular style. And I certainly don't have a 'look' -- just a mishmash of everything that somehow, by instinct, usually turns out to be a warm imaginative, 'living room'."

Sister Parish
Visit the website of Sister Parrish Design here: http://www.sisterparishdesign.com/index2.php
I transitioned from designing and engineering windows to dressing them!  I much prefer the creative (yet still quite technical) side to the strictly technical side!