Friday, November 26, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Cleveland/Anderson family will air Dec 5th

Me, outside of the glamourous "Design Producer's" trailer

It has been almost 8 weeks since we revealed the home to the very deserving Anderson family.  The show will air on abc at 8pm EST on December 5th.  I am so very excited to see how the home looks on television.  For the episode, I was able to work directly with the design producers and two of the tv designers to help make this a beautiful home for the family. 

Me and Ty

I met Ty Pennington in the design trailer and listened in on the design meeting he had with the design producer that was working on his projects (whilst I nibbled away on their fabulous snacks and sammies) He is a very genuine person.  A regular kind of guy.
...Of course, those of you that know me, know that I just couldn't leave well enough alone and offered up some suggestions...(of course I received the "Who the "heck" (insert word of choice) is this chic" look several times...) But in the end, Ty did use my suggestions.  And I am so very proud of that! 
The following two days were filled with fabrication, sourcing, putting a ton of miles on my truck, lack of sleep and an accidental photo of happy hour that I sent to the design producer...oops...but, hey, my crew needed stress relief! 
On the last day, I returned to the site to turn in receipts and return the producer's corporate credit card, and was asked to stay to help stage the home.  Almost all of the "blue shirts" were asked to leave the home, but I was in the garage with the senior design producer and all of the accessory options for the home.  WOW!  There were so many choices.  I think I remember about 60 frames, 10 chairs, a multitude of candleholders and vases, and on and on...It was absolutely amazing how quickly things went into the home and came right back out for a different option.  It was so much fun to help frame photographs of the family, and to see the home completed (or darn near) and almost ready for it's close-up.  I was able to "hang out" in the media room for a few minutes with TV designer, Michael, and staged pillows and throws the way he wanted them...he was very gracious and bubbly.  We made close to 85 pillows for the home, but they had purchased even more as "filler".  The producers stock the closets as well, with items like blankets and pillows, etc.  Anything that will make the family feel more at home.  At one point I was in charge of watching "the house" - a model replica that was strategically placed on a table in the garage.  It was nearing time for the  family to arrive, the masses outside were practicing for "move that bus", and I was asked to stay to assist during the filming. I was told that I would not be able to leave the home once the family pulled up and until the filming was complete, which would have been upwards of 8 hours.  As much as I wanted to be a part of that, I was so exhausted by the All-nighter the night before (to complete that media room) that I graciously excused myself, thanked the designers for the opportunity to help the Anderson's and exited through the front door (in front of thousand's of on-lookers waiting patiently but excitedly for the family to arrive.)  I did stay to see the family arrive, and it was very powerful to see.  I will post again once the show has aired to show photos of the weekend that was certainly "Extreme."