Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nap time

I walked out to get the mail from the mailbox the other day and spotted this cute little gal napping just behind in the dead grass along the ditch. It was so snugly and cozy, that it never noticed me retreiving the mail, and was still sound asleep when I returned minutes later with my camera.
It finally awakened to the sound of my digital camera bleeping to let me know I was focused. It turned and looked at me, almost as if it knew that I wouldn't bother it, and then tucked it's head under it's wing and went back to it's probably much deserved nap. After some quick research, I believe this to be a female Oriole. I had always thought they were mostly black with orange tipped wings. But there are several with the bold yellow color.

So on behalf of naps and a black and yellow and white color scheme, I bring you bold decorating ideas. Enjoy!

This is a small selection of soft black, white, and yellow fabrics now available from The Impeccable Nest for use in or on any of your drapery or soft furnishings. A great way to bring a little sparkle of sunshine into your home. Yellow is an easy color to integrate into a room, as it coordinates well with so many other colors.

I stumbled across quite a few great vignettes at They show quite a bit of grey and yellow, which I think is very chic and fresh.

Then I ran across a blog dedicated completely to Black, white and Yellow....go figure!

Check out and all of their unique finds such as these shoes. As mentioned in the blog comments, I don't think I'd ever wear them, but how fun are these? And what a great inspiration for decorating. If they make you smile, then the color scheme could be great for a cheerful spot in your home. Look to every day items for your color inspirations for your home.

Here is a picture seen on Point Click Home. It is a subtle yellow color scheme with a twist. The yellow this time is on the ceiling and helps to draw the upwards and emphasize the high ceiling and architectural details. Notice that yellow accessories are scattered sparingly throughout the shelves in small doses to help the eye travel down to the soft yellow sofa. This blast of color has a great impact.

These last two pictures are perfect representation of great use of the color scheme. Both are bright and cheerful with a mix of color and texture. Again, the yellow is repeated in more than one element. This is key to good design. I have heard it said to use a color in at least three places in a room. Now that's an easy design tip that anyone can achieve easily and inexpensively.

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