Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crisp, Clean - Black & White

Black & White
Always Classic. Always Fresh.

Modern. Traditional. MOTRA.

Here are today's pics of some great Black & White decorating items that are out there for sale online...some were even "on sale" at reduced prices...
The first few that I stumbled across are from www.luxurybedding.com
Of course, I'm drawn to this shower curtain with the bright yellow birds! What a cheerful way to start your day? A great find for summer!

Love the simplicity of this bedding. Would be GREAT with white linen unlined Roman shades on the windows with black inset banding.

And of course we can decorate our children, too! What a cute washable, reusable bib!

Here is a "Tiffany"chair offered by Carolina Accents. I like the touch of whimsy in the floral pattern.

Interior design closely follows fashion. These dresses translate well into dinnerware pieces and a fresh reception tablescape. (my apologies for losing the photo credits for these two!)


  1. Hi I really like the shower curtain and was wondering where I could buy it?

    1. I found it on Zappos:

  2. I am also wondering where to buy the shower curtain. I can't find it on any websites. Please help!

  3. I found the shower curtain on Zappos at: