Thursday, June 18, 2009

All American Colors

Red, White & Blue

It is already mid June. Independence Day is right around the corner. Today I have chosen a red, white and blue color scheme that is easy on the eyes and gives you that comforting feeling of home with fresh new fabrics in updated styles.

Beautiful softer versions of the traditional Red, White and Blue evoke the feeling of apple pie and front porch swings.

All of the selections shown are from ROMO fabrics and are available for purchase through The Impeccable Nest LLC. Other colorways are available in most patterns shown.
There are fabrics available for upholstery as well as fabrics that are suited for draperies and other soft furnishings such as pillows, roman shades and bedding. These fun, updated styles are a great way to update an old or handed down piece of furniture, instantly adding new pizazz to your rooms.

Adding a fabric with a geometric pattern to a softly shaped curving antique or reproduction chair is a great way to update a space and bring yourself into the new Modern Traditional style of decorating. Making a fresh piece with that reassuring feeling of "home." Notice the silveer finish on this chair. If you have a chair that needs revitalizing, we can refinish it in a metallic finish to catch the light in the room and add that touch of shine.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crisp, Clean - Black & White

Black & White
Always Classic. Always Fresh.

Modern. Traditional. MOTRA.

Here are today's pics of some great Black & White decorating items that are out there for sale online...some were even "on sale" at reduced prices...
The first few that I stumbled across are from
Of course, I'm drawn to this shower curtain with the bright yellow birds! What a cheerful way to start your day? A great find for summer!

Love the simplicity of this bedding. Would be GREAT with white linen unlined Roman shades on the windows with black inset banding.

And of course we can decorate our children, too! What a cute washable, reusable bib!

Here is a "Tiffany"chair offered by Carolina Accents. I like the touch of whimsy in the floral pattern.

Interior design closely follows fashion. These dresses translate well into dinnerware pieces and a fresh reception tablescape. (my apologies for losing the photo credits for these two!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pairing Lamps with Shades

I have this very good friend that did not have one single lamp in her entire home until last year. So I am thinking that maybe there are others out there that just aren't sure what to purchase. I stumbled across this fantastic series on Southern Accents website that offers fantastic info on styles. Enjoy!
Lampshade Lessons
Whether you are purchasing new lamps or just want to freshen the look of the ones you have, the right shade makes all the difference. "For some of us, nothing makes a greater impact in a room than a properly chosen lampshade," says Stephanie Reeves, owner of Edgar-Reeves Lighting & Antiques in Atlanta."Scale, shape, fabric, trim, and lining all need to be carefully considered. It is a subtle but important element of a well-put-together room--almost as important as the lamp itself. The entire mood of a room can be altered by the addition of the right lampshade, the right light, and the right amount of it."

Urn Lamp
This shape goes back to the time of the Greeks. The glass base makes it versatile. It could work in a living room or library with a silk shade, on a porch with a card (paper) shade, or as a focal point in a kitchen. Because of its strong color, it could give punch to a room by itself or complement an overall design as a pair.Oval knife-pleat shade in silk. The cream silk provides warm, beautiful light. If you want a little more pizzazz, put a trim on the shade.

For the Formal Setting
Knife-pleat shade with cut corners in silk. This combination would be found in a formal room or in a spot where a really special lamp is needed.

Clean Lines
Rectangular hard-back shade in silk. The straight lines of the shade complement the clean lines of the lamp. The combination looks sharp and chic.

Candlestick Lamp
Candlestick lamps are most effective in pairs. They can be used either on the same surface, such as a chest or tabletop, or separately on two surfaces that are smaller and somewhat close together.Rectangular shade with cut corners in linen. Strong, clean lines present a traditional face. A contemporary fabric would make it look more current.

New Look, Antique Style
Square shade in sheer silk. The compact size with accentuated height balances well with the shape and gives an update to an antique style.

Feminine Details
Knife-pleat shade in silk with collar. This feminine detailing goes well in a bedroom or dressing room. The round shape reflects the round base.

Vintage Tin Lamp
We find it more interesting to pair round and square than to put a square shade on a square base. Notice how the shade hits above the cap and does not rest on the top of the base.Oval knife-pleat shade in cream silk. This makes the lamp look a little larger and gives it a slightly edgy look.

Simple Silhouette
Knife-pleat drum shade in cream silk. We like the silhouette: straight lines that are well-proportioned.

Traditional Look
Box-pleat shade in ecru silk. This shade is narrower than the first, giving the lamp a more traditional feel.

Stacked Spheres Lamp
Stacked spheres give the overall appearance of a column-shaped lamp. This one is made from wood, gesso, and silver gilt.Hard-back drum shade in natural linen. This shade gives the lamp a cool, clean, sophisticated feel and could work in a variety of spaces.

Reading Light
Hard-back half-shade in kraft paper with black trim. This architectural shade is great for reading, with light thrown from the top, bottom, and back.

Style Sense
Shirred shade with flat cut corners in sheer silk. The room where this lamp lives has a great sense of style. Nothing has been left to chance.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Budget Friendly Decorating

With budgets for decorating being fairly tight these days, I have found that it is economical to revamp sturdy existing furniture. It usually only takes a few yards of fresh new fabric to completely update and revive a space. See my example of a dining room chair.

This is what the chair looked like before. Stained and boring in an ivory twill fabric

And now here is the chair after I ripped it apart and reupholstered it with fresh updated fabrics.

I chose to highlight the open back with a trendy animal print in brown tones and to keep the chair seat and front of the chair back solid in a neutral camel color. Notice the welt cord is also done in the animal print for contrast.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's all about the details

These are panels that I fabricated for
the Northfield Foundation located in Cumberland, VA. They are blackout lined and interlined, which makes them very heavy.

The custom wrought iron hardware was graciously donated by Helser Brothers.

The lead edge is adorned with a tassel fringe donated by Woven Materials, fabric covered micro-welt and a box pleated ruffle that is pattern matched vertically and horizontally to the panel.